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Letters to the Editor

A great mentor

It was a well written article by Ellen Portnoy about my friend and mentor, Dr. Kurt Metzl. Unfortunately, there was not enough room to share some other aspects of Dr. Metzl’s career.

I was fortunate as a medical student to meet Dr Metzl and his wonderful partners Marvin Bordy and Jules Kantor, both of blessed memory. From my early pediatric training they shared with me and many others the joy and privilege to take care of children.

Dr. Metzl, as the article shared, not only cared for parents and children, but he was also a leader in the Kansas City community and the entire United States in educating future generations of pediatricians. For over 40 years he led the Clinical Advances in Pediatrics conference held annually here in Kansas City. He brought world renowned physicians and educators to Kansas City to share ideas, advances and the future of pediatrics with physicians in the metroplex.

Nationally, Dr. Metzl was on major committees with the American Academy of Pediatrics in planning annual meetings that educated pediatricians from around the world.

He was a pusher, planner and doer for the Greater Kansas City Pediatric Society. His leadership and mentorship of pediatricians helped ensure the children of Kansas City continued to get the best care in the nation.

While Dr. Metzl may have gotten his start in pediatrics in Switzerland, many pediatricians and other physicians got their start in Kansas City with Dr. Kurt Metzl. 

Dr. Michael Blum


Formerly of Overland Park 

An open letter to Rabbi Rick Jacobs

I must comment on your remarks at the recent URJ Biennial. You said that the recognition of the United States that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel was “ill timed.” I bring to your attention a part of a quote from Hillel. “If not now, when?” I had hoped that you would have taken the opinion of Rabbi Hillel and not of Elizabeth Warren, who also criticized recognizing Israel as its capital at this time. 

You must have known that proposals regarding East Jerusalem and the settlements have been offered to the Palestinians, who rejected those offers. I fear that your statement reflected your anger at Israel’s treatment of Reform Judaism. Rabbi Jonathan Aaron’s statement that “It’s not our blood on the line” must be considered as we endeavor to have the acceptance of the views and place of progressive movements in Israel. 

Sol Koenigsberg

Overland Park, Kansas