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Letter to the Editor

Letter writer misunderstands intent of article

I believe that Sandy Meyer’s comments (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28) about Rabbi Londy’s article in the Rabbinic Wisdom section of The Chronicle’s Rosh Hashanah magazine published Sept. 14 are disingenuous, mean spirited and not consistent with the spirit of the High Holidays.

Rabbi Londy made it clear that his remarks were not oriented to the Orthodox community, thus were in no way commenting on nor offensive to that community.  

Admitting that his “knowledge of the Orthodox world is limited” is honesty, not lack of respect. His focus was on changes he has seen in the Jewish world in his career, and his concerns and recommendations are targeted to Reform Jews. Rabbi Londy has deep interest in fundamental Jewish practice, which I would think Meyer would as well.

The tonality of Meyer’s letter certainly does not reflect a welcoming, positive spirit … at least of Meyer herself.