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Letter to the Editor

Israelis, not Americans, know what’s best for Israel

Oh no, not again! Once more, J-Street-type thinking raises its repugnant head, as outlined in The Chronicle’s front page article. Susie Gelman and Robert Sugarman, identified as “heavyweights,” are proposing to use their influence to propel Israel into a two-state solution.

The article states that polling demonstrates that overwhelming numbers of American Jews support the position they are taking. What isn’t stated is, how was the poll worded? One hundred percent of American Jews, and Israelis too, for that matter, would support a two-state solution if it guaranteed genuine peace and a secure border. That is what the Palestinians are unwilling to do.

I am always baffled by the chutzpah of American Jews, and some of their organizations, that feel they know better than Israel what is the right course for Israel to follow. J-Street thinking never finds a Palestinian demand it is unwilling to concede. Sitting in their rocket-proof chairs here in America, J-Street types, which Gelman and Sugarman seem to be, apparently feel they understand the nuances and risks inherent in Israel’s situation better than the Israeli’s themselves.

Well, here’s a news flash. Israel has chosen Netanyahu; if that is their choice, it should be supported. They know far better than we what is best for their country. If at some future date Israel chooses other leadership, that too should be supported. Israel’s situation is unique. Our lives are not on the line; their lives are.

Parenthetically, I would like to ask Ms. Gelman and Mr. Sugarman when before, in the history of the world, has a country been attacked once, let alone three times, by an enemy which announced genocidal intent, been defeated, and then been deemed the victim entitled to get its land back?