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Letter to the Editor

A woman worthy of recognition

AZA and BBG have long been an important part of our Kansas City youth programs. Under the directions of our Regional Director Morrie Kross, and secretary Helen Slotnick, both of blessed memory, our membership of youth soared and aspired to reach individual accomplishments that challenged members of other regions.

One such leader, who came forth from BBG was Joan Kort. Joan was a member of Heart of America BBG, who, as a teenager, won international honors in several categories.

But more importantly, Joan became a member of the international board of B’nai B’rith Women to then be installed as international president of B’nai B’rith Women in Chicago, Illinois, in 1990 serving until 1992.

Under Joan’s leadership programs that were already in place prospered as well as the programs she initiated with her board of directors from 1990-1992.

Joan’s involvement in BBG has not waned. She has remained involved with BBG, in the hopes to bring our youth together for the same purposes that she herself gained: an opportunity to learn new skills, strengthen those skills and talents that they already possess and bring them to the general community, wherever they may reside.

I ask that you add Joan Kort to the list of women who led B’nai B’rith Women International to the remarkable organization to which we now refer to as Jewish Women’s International