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Three Generations Born on Same Day

Michael Schifman, his baby daughter Hannah Elizabeth Schifman, and his mother Vicki Schifman all were born on the same day in June.

SHARED BIRTHDAYS — In most families, birthdays belong solely to the birthday boy or girl. Not in the Schifman family. Former KC resident Vicki Schifman, now of Naples, Florida, was born on June 26. Some years later, her son, Leawood resident Michael Schifman, was also born on June 26.

So, what happened on June 26, 2017? You guessed it. Michael’s daughter Hannah Elizabeth Schifman was born! Proud dad/grandpa Ed has researched this and found a Stanford mathematician believes the probability of this happening is approximately 1 in 7 million or 365 squared.

There’s more. Ed Schifman was born on March 10 and Ed and Vicki’s daughter, Lori, came into the world on March 10. Lori is currently engaged, and Ed said, “she has made plans to try to repeat what we affectionately now call ‘the trifecta.’ ”

There’s still more. Recently there has been a lot of talk about palindromes (same spelling forwards and backwards) and dates. Baby Hannah’s name is a palindrome as well and she was born at 11:22 p.m. on the date 6/26. Yes, 11 and 22 are palindromes as well. 

Surprisingly, Ed said the Schifmans are not really into numerology or planning things such as this.

“Luck, and only luck played the primary role.