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Letter to the Editor

Campus indoctrination

College campuses are making our grandchildren agnostic or atheist. A recent Pew Research Center found 71 percent among non-Orthodox are intermarrying.

Fifteen years ago when UAHC published my book “Mingled Roots,” the number was 40 percent. I thought the number appalling. Our nine grandchildren were young then. They were raised in Jewish homes, had Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Birthright trips to Israel. So far three have married out. Two more are seriously dating gentiles. Only one has married Jewish.

Israeli speakers are silenced on campus, the BDS movement actively supported. There are 200 Middle Eastern Studies professors in the U.S. colleges, talking against Israel and the Western World. There are 42,000 anti-Semitic videos on the internet with “Kill Jews” as the content.

Our grandchildren are being brainwashed about Israel and about religion. I wrote to a grandchild expressing my concern regarding anti-Semitism and abuse of Jews on campus and forwarded a video showing the vitriol and open hatred being displayed. The reply? “As far as I can tell the protestors were demanding justice in the face of ongoing Israeli apartheid.” Also, the grandchild wrote “Religion is historically responsible for much suffering in the world. I dream to one day to live in a world where the notion of a higher power is but a memory and we see each other as what we are — just another species of animal.” Yes, I cried when I read these words. And to think the parents had spent a quarter-of-a-million dollars for this college education.

Other grandparents tell me my experience is not at all uncommon. Jewish students are being taught to hate their own heritage. I am at a loss as to what can be done. Does anyone have any suggestions?