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Letter to the Editor

AIPAC policies transcends party politics

Having just attended another AIPAC Policy Conference, it’s hard to accept the annual mischaracterization of what occurred, and the criticism of AIPAC as partisan.

Contrary to false claims, participation has nothing to do with partisan politics, but rather the shared values and interests of our countries, and most importantly, recognition that Israel would be in existential crisis without U.S. support. Nothing is wrong and everything is right when we work to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship. Many politicians from both parties spoke, and yes, some used partisan rhetoric; but that does not mean that the AIPAC attendees were receptive to any partisan message while there. Their laser focus is on one common goal — educating the U.S. Congress on the common interests of the U.S. and Israel, and strengthening the relationship every year as new members are elected. It is no accident that Israel is one of the few issues with broad bipartisan support in Congress. AIPAC’s long and energetic efforts have saved and improved lives in Israel; Iron Dome’s protection of civilians in the last Gaza conflict is one example.  

If our support for Israel waxes and wanes, depending on out political views or which political party is in control, either here or in Israel, then we cannot count on Congress’ consistent support. That gives political cover to Israel’s detractors, and will eventually place Israel in serious jeopardy in a time of crisis. If we have objections to some of Israel’s actions or policies, as many AIPAC supporters do, there is a democratic process in place in Israel to work at change. But the essential mission of AIPAC must transcend party or policy. AIPAC leadership and every attendee knows and honors this principle. We need a strong U.S.-Israel relationship and that largely depends on AIPAC’s grass roots activists. Join AIPAC, help Israel and the U.S.