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Letter to the Editor

Clinton corruption

My old friend, Joel Pelofsky, would have us vote for Hillary.

As much as I admire the judge, he avoids a host of facts and apparently can stomach more Clinton scandals. Hillary lies and lies about her lies. The Clinton trail of corruption goes back decades. The Clinton Foundation tangle is under present unflattering active discussion.

Why didn’t Hillary pay attention to incoming pleas regarding dangers to the Americans in Benghazi? Why was she so indifferent to American lives? Why did she support the bogus video lie? Why did she not admit the truth to the parents of a slain American? Where was she when four Americans working for her State Department were being murdered?

Hillary was deeply involved in the victimization of Bill’s female adventures; she was a blame-the-victim enabler who went into assault against Bill’s victims.

The Affordable Care Act springs from an incompetent Democratic Congress and Obama’s untruthful presentation. It is widely recognized as becoming unaffordable. Washington’s overregulation of physician practices is strangling the practice of medicine. Provision of health care to indigent citizens is fine; it is partly the framework created by unelected incompetent officials, which undermine the act. 

About Syrian refugees: Can anyone really think that terrorists would not be among them? We Americans have absolutely no assurance that these people can be competently vetted. Why are we unable to recall Paris, Brussels or San Bernadino? Regarding women and children “refugees,” recall that one of the murderers at San Bernadino was a Middle Eastern woman. Recall that the terrorists in Boston and Orlando enjoyed American childhoods.  

On Nov. 8, vote for the best interests of American traditions. They include honesty, integrity and competence.