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Letter to the Editor

Democrats proposals meaningless

Equal pay for women. Raise the minimum wage to $15. Free college tuition. Immigration reform. Enhanced social security. The list of goodies Hillary promised at the Democratic convention goes on and on, breathtakingly. She says she will continue the Obama agenda.

Wonderful. But now a question. Obama, a fresh face, charismatic, was elected in 2008 with a Democratic House and a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate. He could have passed all the above in the first two years of his presidency. Yet he didn’t. What kind of leader was he, if he couldn’t enact this agenda when there was absolutely nothing to stop him? And if Obama couldn’t, who in their right mind believes that Hillary can, given that, if elected, she won’t have the advantage Obama did?

All of the inspirational talk at the Democratic convention is just so much piffle. Without debating the merits of Hillary’s proposals, or the costs, they are meaningless. Obviously she is counting on continuing to fool some of the people all of the time.

The list of Hillary’s scandals and mistakes is lengthy and frightening. To offset this, I ask my Democrat friends a simple question. In all her 25 years on the national scene, name one single positive thing she has initiated and accomplished. They look as stunned as if struck on the head by a baseball bat. None can think of an answer, yet they want her to be president.

At the convention, there wasn’t a single American flag in sight the first night; flags only appeared subsequently after the Democrats were called out on it. But guess what flags were in abundance throughout the convention hall? The Palestinian flag, of course! The far left has taken over the Democratic party, and it despises Israel. Will that stop Jews from voting for Hillary? Of course not.