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Letters to the Editor

Jews should take more words out of their vocabulary

In accord with Larry Haith’s correct position regarding the use of the term “Old Testament,” by Jews (Letters to the Editor, Feb. 11), there are other words that Jews should not utter.

Each is a euphemism for Jesus Christ. They are “jiminy cricket,” “gee” and “gee whiz.” Also, it is inappropriate to say golly as it is a euphemism for G-d. Note also that the final two syllabus of the word exegesis is often mispronounced by scholars as “Jesus.” The correct pronunciation is “ek-si-jee-sis” not “jezus,” as the first “s” is pronounced correctly as “s” not “z.”

Harris Winitz, Ph.D.

Kansas City, Missouri

Hamilton friendly statesman

History is my thing! Mary Greenberg, Ph.D., wrote an insightful historical column (“Warriors of justice, national leaders we can count on,” Feb. 11). Her column compared our political season of “second-rate candidates spewing hatred” to our early presidents and their positive attitudes toward Jews.

Though not a president, Alexander Hamilton was probably one of the friendliest of our early statesmen toward Jews. According to his Jewish biographer, Ron Chernow, in his book, “Alexander Hamilton,” he writes that Alexander Hamilton was tutored by Jews at his birthplace, Nevis in the Caribbean, and had a fond place for the Jewish people the rest of his short life. Hamilton died at age 49 in a duel with Aaron Burr. “Hamilton” is recommended reading for anyone interested in American history. 

Steve Katz

Leawood, Kansas