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On behalf of JET Express, Jewish Family Services’ volunteer driver program, and the hundreds of older adults we serve, I would like to thank The Chronicle for its recent coverage of our program and our need for volunteer drivers.


Since its inception in 2008, JET Express has trained over 190 volunteer drivers. Though that sounds like a large number, many of our volunteers need to stop driving due to changes in life circumstances. That loss in drivers means those who depend on us to get to doctor and dentist appointments, the grocery store, synagogue or church, volunteer opportunities, physical therapy and many more destinations, don’t have a driver. What can follow is a decline in physical and/or mental health, poor nutrition and social isolation.

With The Chronicle’s support — highlighting the wonderful relationships that have developed between JET Express drivers and riders, the ease of becoming a JET Express volunteer, and the impact the program has had on our riders — we have been able to increase our cadre of volunteers. But it’s never enough. Our goal is to never have to cancel a ride for an older adult! 

We hope your readers will remember that if they’re looking for a volunteer experience that truly makes a difference in the life of an older adult, they will consider becoming a JET Express driver. For more information, please contact Taly Friedman, JFS director of volunteer engagement, at 913-730-1410 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..