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Making our facilities safe

Thank you for providing me with such a warm welcome to the community. It’s been a pleasure to meet so many of you and I look forward to the opportunity to meet more of you over the coming montI feel both honored and humbled to be able to serve the greater Kansas City Jewish community as your director of community security.


{mprestriction ids="1,3"}Over the next several months, I will be installing a wide range of security upgrades at the Jewish Community Campus. Security at our facilities requires a commitment from the entire community to ensure safety for all of us as a family. Please keep in mind that we are designing features and policies to increase our security posture, while maintaining a warm and inviting environment to the facilities. The security upgrades at the Campus will be installed in phases and will require multiple vendors on the premises to accomplish these goals. The same goals will be foremost in my planning as I move around the community and begin to work with our other facilities.

I ask all community members to be patient during this process and keep in mind that security systems are designed to delay an intruder’s access and mitigate the effects of a tragic event. Security is seldom convenient and some of the procedures may cause some minor delays and inconveniences in our daily lives.

As a community, it is our goal to make our facilities safe and friendly environments and I look forward to working with all the communal institutions as partners in this process. Please do not hesitate to contact me by way of email with any questions or concerns you may have.{/mprestriction}