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Letters to the Editor

Contrary to Jewish tradition

This letter serves as a response to the opinions of Jeff Horen (“Fact checking the fact checkers,” March 9,) and Lee Levin (Muslim countries should welcome their own refugees, Feb. 9,) regarding whether we as Jews have an obligation to support refugees of the Muslim faith either in our society or elsewhere.

The premise of their arguments is that wealthy people in the Arab and Muslim worlds should support their own “kind,” and that we as Jews are under no obligation to offer solace. 

I find the above premises to be misguided for several reasons: 

First, we Jews are raised to be compassionate with others on principle.

Second, we need to step into the breach to help others just as those “righteous” gentiles did during the Holocaust, and on other occasions throughout our history to help us.

Third, it is part of our tradition to support the beauty and strength of diversity.

Fourth, it is our tradition to help create a world and all of creation of peace, hope, happiness and harmony healing.

As Rabbi Yonah said: “The verse doesn’t say, ‘Happy are those who give to (those in need),” but rather, ‘Happy are the ones who use their insight when giving to (those in need)’ ” (Psalm 41:2).

To do anything less is contrary to the Jewish tradition.

Mark Kass, Ph.D. 

Overland Park, Kansas

Thank the security guards

Regarding the article “5 things you can do right now to help your local JCC,” (March 9), I found all five suggestions to be excellent. But, I would add one more:  Take a moment to thank the security guards who stand watch at the JCC when we come and go; they stand between us and one who would cause harm. Their shifts are long and, G-d willing, uneventful, but they must remain ever on alert for danger.

Patricia D. Weed

Overland Park, Kansas