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Sukkah vandalized at K-State: Police investigating as possible anti-Semitic act

Sukkah vandalized at K-State: Police investigating as possible anti-Semitic act

This photo of the mangled sukkah at Kansas State University was taken after it was moved from the parking lot where it was found back to campus grounds. Read more...

B’nai Jehudah’s Rabbi Kirzane leaving congregation in June

B’nai Jehudah’s Rabbi Kirzane  leaving congregation in June

Rabbi Daniel Kirzane

Sherry, Levitt to receive awards from MainStream Education Foundation

Judy Sherry

Kol Ami’s Rabbi Alpert to receive civil rights award from NAACP’s KC branch

Rabbi Doug Alpert

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Mitzvah Garden KC probably set the official record for the most sweet potatoes harvested by hand, 447.6 pounds, within one hour on Oct. 8, 2017. The record will need to be verified by Guinness World Records... Read more...

Speak up, stand with, show love: Interfaith gathering brings together people who want to stand up to hate

The Rev. Emanuel Cleaver III, Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff and The Rev. Adam Hamilton hold hands during the benediction of Sunday night’s ‘Stand Togther KC’ program. Read more...

JDC comes to KC to report on emergency assistance, Rosh Hashanah welfare care for Jewish communities around the globe

Michael Novick (from left), executive director of strategic development at JDC; Dr. Helene Lotman, president & CEO of Jewish Federation; Patricia Werthan Uhlmann, Jewish Federation and JDC national... Read more...

New Jewish Partnership for Justice and Service to sponsor Sukkot program

A Sukkah for All: Sukkot, Social Justice & Celebration will take place at The Manheim Park + Garden, 4229 Forest Kansas City, Missouri, by Congregation Kol Ami’s sukkah. Motivated by their shared... Read more...

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Mark Feuerstein as Josh, Liza Lapira as Eve, David Walton as Andrew, Linda Lavin as Judy and Elliott Gould as Harry in a scene from the new CBS sitcome ‘9JKL.’ NEW YEAR BABY — The first Shabbos... Read more...

Book exploring lives of centenarians features Village Shalom resident

Jack Sokolov shows off the book he was featured in, ‘If I Live to Be 100: The Wisdom of Centenarians.’ Read more...

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Empathy in vulnerability: resisting racism and anti-Semitism

Empathy in vulnerability: resisting racism and anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism in America is on the rise. In the past year, Jewish cemeteries were desecrated in Philadelphia, Rochester and St. Louis; my rabbinical school was vandalized with a swastika, targeted for... Read more...

Embracing Houston’s Jewish community

Embracing Houston’s Jewish community

“We would have drowned.” My previous experience with the Houston Jewish community was in September 2005 as they heroically responded to Hurricane Katrina. Read more...

Letter to the Editor

One-sided blind opposition I have struggled for two weeks as to whether or not to write this letter. I really don’t like writing letters to The Chronicle. Read more...

Letter to the Editor

Letter writer misunderstands intent of article I believe that Sandy Meyer’s comments (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28) about Rabbi Londy’s article in the Rabbinic Wisdom section of The Chronicle’s... Read more...

Letter to the Editor - Holiday spirit still exists in Orthodoxy

Cheer up Rabbi Londy! It’s a new year! And your article in the Rabbinic Wisdom section of The Chronicle’s annual Rosh Hashanah magazine was a real downer. It read like a bad report card. Read more...

Kata Kata Mutiara

Kata Kata Motivasi Hal yang sangat menyedihkan adalah saat kau jujur pada temanmu, dia berdusta padamu Saat dia telah berjanji padamu, dia mengingkarinya Saat kau memberikan perhatian, dia tidak menghargainya... Read more...

Kata Mutiara

Kata Kata Motivasi Kata-kata yang Inspiratif buat Memotivasi hidup- dipostingan kali ini saya sudah mengumpulkan Kata kata motivasi hidup terbaru, kata kata bijak hidup terbaru, kata kata bijak motivasi... Read more...

Letters to the Editor

American fascism Trump’s flirtation with fascism dismays many people, but we should not be surprised. The United States has a tradition of fascism, with and without populism. Read more...

Sometimes we must interfere

“Today, the entire world is looking to America for enlightened leadership to peace and progress. Such a leadership requires vision, courage and tolerance. It can be provided only by a united nation... Read more...

A mother’s wish: Speak up and stand up to counter teen suicide, mental illness

Dr. Karen Arkin, Guest Columnist Having a child precede you in death is unimaginable, unthinkable, unspeakable. Read more...

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Fulford Bat Mitzvah

Fulford Bat Mitzvah

Gabrielle Rebecca Fulford

Bell 80th Birthday

Judy Bell

Luetje Bar Mitzvah

Chad Luetje

Garcia-Lipoff Birth

Tess Eleanor Garcia-Lipoff

Katz Bar Mitzvah

Roman Katz Paul and Lisa Katz announce the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Roman Katz, on Saturday, Sept. 16, at Congregation Beth Torah. Read more...

Birthday and Anniversary Kiddush

Marvin and Phyllis Denton

Kaplan Birth

Naomi Alivia Kaplan Photo by Katy Doyle Photography Andrew and Dr. Tamara Kaplan of Boston, Massachusetts, announce the birth June 2 of a daughter, Naomi Alivia Kaplan. Read more...

Silverman Birth

Cyrus Berlin Silverman Emily Hirsekorn and Golan Silverman of San Diego, California, announce the birth July 23, 2017, of a son, Cyrus Berlin Silverman. They are also the parents of Carmel Shea. Read more...

Krigel earns doctorate from Gratz College

The Krigel family — Isaiah (from left), Shanti, Eliyahu and Kaela Krigel — attended Eliyahu’s graduation ceremony from Gratz College in Philadelphia in May. This summer Kansas City native Eliyahu... Read more...

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Bernstein, Ida R.

Ida Rubinstein Bernstein, 95, of Kansas City, Missouri, passed away Oct. 4, 2017. Graveside services were held Oct. 8 at Kehilath Israel Blue Ridge Cemetery. Read more...

Ginden, Jerry

Ginden, Jerry

Jerry Ginden, age 75, passed away on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017, at Menorah Medical Center in Overland Park, Kansas. He was born on April 30, 1942, in Kansas City to Sam and Ellen Ginden. Read more...

Greenberg, Lionel H.

Lionel H. Greenberg, 92, of Overland Park, Kansas, died Oct. 2, 2017, at Menorah Medical Center. Funeral services were held Oct. 4 at The Louis Memorial Chapel, with burial following at Mount Carmel... Read more...

Becker, Sylvia

Sylvia Becker, age 89, passed away peacefully from complications related to a stroke on Sept. 22, 2017. Read more...

Cohen, Lawrence S. M.D.

Lawrence S. Cohen M.D. passed away peacefully on Sept. 27, 2017, at the age of 81 in Leawood, Kansas. Born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey, along with his twin sister Marilyn, by Ellis and Louise... Read more...

Heller, John M

John was born Nov. 21, 1946, the second of two children, along with his sister Joanie, of Dr. B. Marcus and Pauline Heller. Read more...

Krug, Olga Louise

Olga Louise Krug, 90, died on Sept. 28, 2017. A memorial service was held at The Atriums Sunday, Oct. 1. Read more...

Manion, Barbara Sue

Barbara S. Glass Waxman Manion, 77, Overland Park, Kansas, passed away Sept. 24, 2017, with her loving family by her side. Graveside service was held Sept. 27 at Mount Moriah Cemetery. Celebration of Life... Read more...

Reiz, Zelda Luke

Zelda Luke Reiz passed away on Sept. 27, 2017. Funeral services were held Oct. 1 at The Louis Memorial Chapel; burial followed at Mount Carmel Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations... Read more...

Soltz, Maurice B.

Maurice Soltz, 80, of Overland Park, Kansas, passed away Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. Funeral services were held Oct. 3 at The Louis Memorial Chapel; burial followed at Mount Carmel Cemetery. In lieu of flowers,... Read more...

Lituanian-Israeli violinist thrilled to be part of tribute concert at Helzberg Hall

By Barbara Bayer


Ben Sayevich has played in a lot of concert venues over the years. Next week Sayevich will get his first chance to play at Helzberg Hall at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts when his Park Piano Trio performs. The concert, to be held at 7:30 p.m. April 4, celebrates the 10th anniversary of Park University’s International Center for Music. Stanislav Ioudenitch, gold medalist of the 2001 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and founder of the ICM and his protégé and rising star — and 2009 winner of the London International Piano Competition — Behzod Abduraimov, will also perform in the special Van Cliburn Tribute Concert.

“It is very exciting. It’s definitely one of the best halls in the country, if not in the world. So we are very much looking forward to it,” said Sayevich, a professor of music at Park, in a phone interview last week.

The concert itself, Sayevich said, is an important event.

“It’s commemorating the life of Van Cliburn, a very important, great musician,” he continued. “It is very important for any musician to play a part in a concert for somebody who is so admired by so many people.”

Ioudenitch will perform in the first half of the concert. Ioudenitch is currently associate professor of music and the artistic director of the Youth Conservatory of Music at the ICM. Abduraimov will also perform in the first half of the concert. 

Sayevich is very complimentary of the young pianist.

“At 22 he’s now one of the leading pianists of his generation and he’s a student of ours at Park. He’s trained already with major orchestras such as the Boston Symphony and will play in Carnegie Hall. He’s a very distinguished young pianist,” Sayevich said.

The Park Piano Trio, consisting of Sayevich, Ioudenitch and cellist Daniel Veis, will play Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Piano Trio in A Minor.”

“This piece is very appropriate because it’s very dramatic and very long and it’s celebrating life. It’s very appropriate in memory of Van Cliburn because he won the Tchaikovsky competition in 1958. That was the first Tchaikovsky competition ever and in those days it was the height of the Cold War and he was a young American from Texas winning the gold medal in Moscow. For Russians, he was an incredible symbol of how music transcends politics and he was very much loved by everybody in Russia,” Sayevich said.

“It’s very fitting to play the Tchaikovsky piano tribute because not only is that piece in memory of a great artist, but also it is Tchaikovsky, which Van Cliburn had a very big affinity for all his life.

“Our pianist also won the Van Cliburn competition, so it’s all those connections.”

Sayevich the violinist

Sayevich moved to Israel in 1971 from Lithuania when he was 12. Nine years later, just one day after he completed his Israeli army service, he came to the United States. He’s been in this country ever since.

“I was discharged and then the next day I was in New York and started to audition for schools.”

In September of 1980 he enrolled in the New England Conservatory.

“I came here to study with this very well-known teacher Dorothy Delay,” he said. He earned the prestigious artist diploma from the conservatory and was a teaching assistant to Eric Rosenblith.

When he came to the United States to study, he really didn’t know where he would live after that. But he was offered a job at the University of Kansas a short time before he graduated. So a month after graduation he was living in Lawrence, Kan. 

“I stayed, but my two brothers are in Israel so I go there at least once a year,” said the Jewish violinist who now lives in North Kansas City with his wife and 4-year-old daughter. He was at KU from 1987 until 2006, when he joined the staff at Park.

“My background is very Jewish, not religiously Jewish, but traditionally Jewish. For example my first language at home was Yiddish. My parents talked Yiddish with each other. That was the first language I heard,” said Sayevich, who speaks four languages fluently — English, Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian. He also speaks Lithuanian and German.

Not only has he taught music for many years, he has concertized extensively throughout North America, Europe and the Far East, and has appeared on radio and television as a soloist and chamber musician. He is featured as the soloist in a recording of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” with the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra. One of the most important works in his repertoire is the Violin Concerto by Alban Berg, for which he was chosen to play at the New England Conservatory’s celebration of the composer’s centenary. Sayevich’s interpretation carries the tradition that comes down directly from the composer, through his work on the piece with the late Louis Krasner, the commissioner, dedicatee and the violinist at the work’s premiere.

He said he plays strictly classical music, but “sometimes I play Klezmer music just for fun.”

Sayevich is currently in London playing with the London Chamber Music Society, something he has been doing since 2002 “two, maybe three times a year.”

Tickets for the Van Cliburn Tribute Concert are available through the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts at www.kauffmancenter.org, 816-994-7222 or at the Kauffman Center’s Box Office, 1601 Broadway.